SOF Tourniquet


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The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet is one of the best tourniquets on the market today. Many of the world's most elite and experienced warriors have chosen it for its outstanding ability to control severe bleeding, high level of reliability, and ease of application. While some military units have replaced their issue tourniquets with the SOF® Tourniquet, others have implemented SOPs requiring the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet to be used on all lower extremity bleeds. This means that the SOF® is the tourniquet of choice for controlling the most severe extremity hemorrhage on the battlefield.

  • Made in the USA
  • Proven to be 100% effective during US Army Institute of Surgical Research testing
  • A straightforward application. The SOF®TT is applied to either an arm or a leg. Unlike other tourniquets, which require you to learn two methods of application and then use the correct method when under stress, the SOF®TT can be applied to either an arm or a leg. We reduced the risk of failure by accounting for human performance factors in combat. It should not be a multiple-choice exam to apply a tourniquet; it should be simple and straightforward. The SOF®TT combines the required effectiveness with an unrivaled level of simplicity to improve the device's overall effectiveness
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials The tourniquet handle is made of solid aircraft aluminum and retains its strength even in extreme temperatures. The tri-rings are made of Acetyl, a high-impact plastic that retains its strength even under extreme operating conditions
  • Designed to reduce the possibility of an unintentional release or mechanical failure Unlike other materials, such as Velcro®, the fastening system will work even if it is soiled, muddy, frozen, or wet
  • The safety set screw prevents pressure from being accidentally released during tactical patient movement. The screw is not required to control the bleeding, but it is recommended if the patient will be moved in a tactical environment
  • Dual locking rings provide an additional locking capabilities