FTK Essential - Tourniquet + Holder

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$80  SAVE $15 on the BUNDLE

The Tourniquet + Holder "Essential" Frontline Trauma Kit (FTK) represents the lightest Ballistic Duty-Gear Tourniquet Kit on the market.

This Essential FTK includes a Universal Ballistic TQ holder and the tourniquet of your choice. Select one of five tourniquet designs. 

How to Order

To order your Essential FTK TQ + Holder, simply select your preferred tourniquet model and "add to cart".

About Our Universal TQ Holder

Rapid one-handed access, universal fit, and ultra-lightweight design. Take control of extreme medical situations in seconds. Make Hero’s Pride® Tourniquet Holders part of your everyday carry.

  • CAT - Combat Application Tourniquet
  • SAM XT Tourniquet
  • TMT Tactical Medical Tourniquet (storage view)
  • SOF Tourniquet (main)
  • Tourniquet holder available in basketweave

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