Fentanyl Resistant Nitrile Gloves (size Medium)


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Single pair of Confiderm® Fentanyl Resistant Nitrile Gloves in size Large. These fentanyl-resistant nitrile gloves represent the ultimate safeguard for law enforcement and private security personnel when handling hazardous materials. Tested rigorously to withstand 15 drugs, including fentanyl, for an impressive 240 minutes, these gloves provide unparalleled protection.

Designed with your comfort in mind, these Fentanyl Resistant Nitrile Gloves feature a low dermatitis potential, making them perfect for individuals with skin sensitivities to regular nitrile gloves. The fully textured exterior ensures slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions, offering you maximum control.

Experience unmatched dexterity and tactile sensitivity with these thin yet high-performing gloves. The excellent conformability guarantees a superior fit and extended user comfort, enabling you to carry out your duties confidently.

Defend against the dangers of fentanyl with these specialized gloves, engineered to safeguard your well-being during police fentanyl handling operations. Trust in our reliable solution for uncompromising safety.


  • Low dermatitis potential; ideal for people who are allergic to regular nitrile gloves.
  • Powder-free, latex-free design
  • Provides all of the benefits of a nitrile glove without the sulfur-based chemical accelerators to promote allergy care and provide better protection to glove users with Type I Hypersensitivity (natural rubber latex protein) while lowering the risk of Type IV Hypersensitivity (chemical).
  • Tested for up to 240 minutes (ASTM D6978-05), to ensure resistance to permeation of 15 chemotherapy drugs, including fentanyl.
  • Ideal glove solution for mid-heavy duty work in the healthcare industry, such as first responders, police emergency departments, clinical laboratories, intensive care units, and pharmacy/oncology where chemotherapy drugs are handled or administered.
  • The fully textured exterior finish promotes slip resistance in wet or dry conditions.
  • High tactile sensitivity
  • Superior fit
  • Ambidextrous
  • Single use