2.25" COBRA® Pro Style Aluminum Buckle

Meet the 2.25" COBRA® Pro Style Aluminum Buckle: Fits belts up to 2.25", load-rated to 18 kN, won't release under load. Matte black finish, quick-release, Austrian-made. Perfect for law enforcement and special forces. The best duty belt buckle.

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Introducing the 2.25" COBRA® Pro Style Aluminum Buckle* – the ultimate choice for law enforcement officers and special forces. This rugged, high-performance buckle is designed for those who demand the best.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Fit: Perfect for webbing and straps up to 2.25 inches wide, this buckle fits pistol belts and duty belts seamlessly. It's also great for alpine climbing rigs, load-bearing vests, backpack hip straps, and extraction slings.
  • Unmatched Strength: Load-rated for forces up to 9 kN straight or 18 kN looped, ensuring your safety and reliability in tough situations.
  • Secure and Reliable: Will not release under load, but the extra-large ears make it easy to quick-release when not under load.
  • Sleek Design: The matte black finish keeps your profile low-key and professional.
  • Austrian Quality: Manufactured in Austria, complying with Berry Amendment sourcing requirements.

Also available as a kit, with the following 2.25" wide belts:

Important Note:

  • Measure Before You Order: Ensure your belt fits perfectly by measuring before purchasing.

With the 2.25" COBRA® Pro Style Aluminum Buckle, you get unmatched durability and reliability, making it the best duty belt buckle on the market. Whether you're in the field, climbing, or securing cargo, this COBRA® Buckle has got you covered.

Upgrade to the COBRA® Buckle for Duty Belt today – because when it comes to your gear, only the best will do.

*COBRA is a registered US Trademark of AUSTRIALPIN