COBRA® Pro Buckle Ballistic Rigid Deluxe Duty Belt (2.25")

The Ballistic Deluxe Rigid Duty Belt with Cobra Pro Style Buckle provides lightweight comfort, durability, and secure support for all your gear. Made with 1680 denier ballistic material and a 6-layer web construction with a strong polymer core.
8.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
2.75 (in)

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Stay Comfortable and Ready for Duty

The Ballistic Deluxe Rigid Duty Belt with Cobra Pro Style Buckle* is perfect for uniformed law enforcement officers. This belt is built to be comfortable and tough, so you can rely on it every day.

Comfort and Durability: Made from 1680 denier ballistic material, this belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear. You won’t feel weighed down, even with all your duty gear. Plus, it’s designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.

Stays Strong Under Pressure: The belt has a rigid 6-layer web construction that keeps it from sagging or buckling under the weight of your gear. It also features a polymer core for extra support, so your belt stays in place and your gear is always secure.

Secure and Reliable Buckle: The Cobra Pro Style buckle is designed to be super secure. You can trust that it will stay fastened, keeping your belt and gear firmly in place.

The Ballistic Deluxe Rigid Duty Belt with Cobra Pro Style Buckle is your reliable companion for any duty. Stay comfortable, stay secure, and stay ready.

  • Features the Cobra Pro Style Buckle*
  • Made from durable materials and finish that complements any law enforcement requirements
  • 1680 Denier Ballistic material for lightweight comfort
  • 6 layer web construction for additional support
  • Interior polymer stiffener for added stability


*COBRA is a registered US Trademark of AUSTRIALPIN