Shirt Holders Adjustable w/ Button Clasp and Foot Loop Y-Style Strap - Black or White

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Hero’s Pride shirt stays are a must have accessory for those professionals required to be in uniforms. Shirt stays are designed to keep your shirt tucked in and can also be used to keep your socks from sagging.

  • Available Colors: Black or White
  • Styles: Y Style Strap
  • Fasteners: Foot Loop

This is our standard issue adjustable shirt holder that comes in two color options: Black and White to complement daily uniform wear. Fasteners are built to stay secured even for extended wear. Made with highly durable hardware and long-lasting functionality.

Our shirt stays options come in varying styles and all are designed to keep your uniform looking neat and professional. Check out our other Shit Stay options: 

  • Single Strap Button Clasp in Black (link) - 9054
  • Single Strap Claw Clamp in Black (link) - 9054CB
  • Y Style Strap Button Clasp in Black and White (link) - 9055
  • Foot Loop Claw Clamp in Black (link) - 9056CB
4.50 (in)
4.50 (in)
1.25 (in)

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