Ballistic Open Top & Open Bottom Flashlight Holder, Large, Fits Belt: 2 -1/4"

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Ballistic Open Top & Open Bottom Flashlight Holder is constructed with 1680 denier ballistic to provide lightweight comfort and durability. Molded design for secure equipment placement and quiet easy in/out access. Open bottom feature fits flashlight handles of varying lengths. Safety snap attachment prevents the flashlight from moving or becoming dislodged while in pursuit or other intense movement scenarios.  Reinforced USA DOT® snap provides reliable snap/re-snap functionality


  • 1680 denier ballistic material for lightweight comfort
  • Molded construction for easy in/out access
  • USA DOT® snap for reliable performance
  • Safety snap makes adding this holder to your belt easy and secure

Product Details:

  • Wide strap for added stability
  • Fits: Most Streamlight® Stinger, Stinger® XT, and similar size flashlights
  • Size: Large - 33mm diameter
  • Color: Black
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap and water

5.00 (in)
11.00 (in)
2.75 (in)