AirTek Deluxe Radio Holder with Swivel

5.00 (in)
11.00 (in)
2.75 (in)

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This AirTek Deluxe Radio Holder with Swivel is crafted with our specialized 33E HP finish and 100% genuine leather to provide lightweight comfort, scratch resistance, and durability. The 180-degree swivel allows for low-profile positioning to provide comfort when wearing in a seated position. Molded design for secure equipment placement and quick in/out access.

  • Includes adjustable elastic strap for easy radio removal
  • Made from durable materials and finish that complements any law enforcement requirements
  • The alternative finish on the front part of the belt keeps it scratch resistance and lightweight
  • Quickly detaches within its case for equipment protection
  • Comes in plain black finish


  Inner Capacity (H x W x D: Inches/mm)
1440B 6 ½ x 2 ½ x 1 ¼”   /   166 x 63 x 32mm
1440C 7 x 2 ⅝ x 1 ½”   /  178 x 65 x 38mm
1440E 6 ⅛ x 2 ⅝ x 1 ⅞”   /  155 x 65 x 49mm


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