PARAMEDIC Shoulder Patch, Blue, 3-9/16x3-9/16"

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We understand that a law enforcement patch is a symbol of honor and bravery of your service, especially as an emergency personnel. That is why we add incredible craftsmanship to every stitch. This PARAMEDIC shoulder patch features a white background and blue details with caduceus seal to ensure clarity and visibility. These designs are expertly embroidered to last for a long time and work best as a uniform patch you can use for years to come. Made with durable materials and expertly embroidered to last for a long time in service, this is the essence of how pride should be worn on your uniform.

  • Each patch is 100% embroidered with over 6,500 stitches for vibrant color definition and overall clarity
  • Comes in 3-9/16” x 3-9/16” size
  • Well-defined design details with overlock border style
  • Hook is sewn versus heat sealed for long lasting durability
  • Patch styles are available with plastic or sew-on backing to fix anywhere
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    Color Selection:
    Royal Blue
    3-9/16 x 3-9/16"
    Border Color:
    Royal Blue
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