NY INTERMEDIATE Shoulder Patch, 4X4-3/4"

4.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
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We understand that a law enforcement patch is a symbol of honor and bravery of your service, especially if you are an emergency personnel. That is why we add incredible craftsmanship to every stitch. This NEW YORK STATE INTERMEDIATE shoulder patch features highly detailed, full color emblem design details with medium gold text against the blue background to ensure clarity and visibility, and uses the standard color for health and safety personnel. Made with durable materials and expertly embroidered to last for a long time in service, this is the essence of how pride should be worn on your uniform.

  • Each patch is 100% embroidered with over 6,500 stitches for vibrant color definition and overall patch clarity
  • Exceptional text and design implementation
  • Comes in a standard 4x4-3/4” patch size dimension
  • Hook is sewn versus heat sealed for long lasting durability
  • Patch styles are available with hook and fastener backing to fix anywhere