Collar Extenders (Adds up to 1/2" to shirt size), Nickel, 10mm

Collar Extender for law enforcement officers - an easy-to-use, rust-proof gadget that discreetly expands your shirt collar by up to 1/2 size. Perfectly hidden behind your tie with a sleek nickel finish.
4.50 (in)
4.50 (in)
1.25 (in)

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The Hero's Pride Collar Extender is your shirt's new best friend! Perfect for police officers, this small gadget hooks onto your collar button easily, making your shirt collar half a size bigger for extra comfort. It's rust-proof, so it lasts long, and has a shiny nickel finish. Plus, it hides neatly behind your tie, so no one will ever know it's there. Say goodbye to tight collars and hello to a perfect fit with our Collar Extender!

  • Just loop over your collar button
  • Rust proof
  • Stays hidden behind your tie
  • Adds up to 1/2 Size to Your Shirt Collar
  • Nickel finish