AirTek Garrison Deluxe Buckleless Duty Belt

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AirTek Garrison Buckless Duty Belt is crafted with ourspecialized exterior alternative leather finish with inner loop lining toprovide ultimate lightweight comfort, scratch resistance, and durability. Innerloop lining fastens to outer hook lining of hook and loop closures to securethe belt firmly in place. Buckleless design is ideal for law enforcement andsecurity professionals dealing with metal detectors


  • Exterior leather alternative finish for scratch resistance and lightweight comfort
  • Buckleless design is ideal for professionals who encounter metal detectors regularly
  • Easy maintenance – mild soap and water
  • Available in Plain or Basket Weave

Product Details:

  • Tested and certified as scratch resistance (4/5 grade in abrasion test)
  • Reinforced two-row stitching
  • Inner loop lining with outer hook lining of hook and loop closure
  • Water resistant
  • Belt Width: 1.5”W
8.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
2.75 (in)
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